Enacon Car wash is now open for business 24/7 in Norwest. Experience a superior clean in our touchless automatic car wash. Have your car washed for you in a matter of minutes. Plus DIY manual bays, vacuums, vending, dog wash and change machine on site.

2 Touchless LaserWash Automatic Car Washes

Perfect for regular washers to remove everyday dirt & grime. Only high pressure water & premium soaps & waxes touch your car. It fast & safe for your paint!

If you’ve got a lot of built up dirt we recommend softening it with the foam brush in the self serve bays first.

Automatic Car Washes Enacon
Self Serve enacon car wash

Self Serve Car Washing Equipment

We know the importance of quality self serve car washing equipment. With simple to use equipment that works every time, we offer everything you need to clean your car; from premium soaps & waxes through to high pressure hoses, dual swivel foam brush & splatter wax.

Vacuum Units

Leave your hoover at home, our industrial strength motors provide a strong suction action and an extended nozzle that allows you to get into those hard-to-reach places and to remove deep-down dirt.
Vacuums Enacon Car Wash
Vending Change Machines Enacon Car Wash

Vending & Change Machine

Need it to go? We’ve got everything you need to have your car refreshed before you hit the road again. Fragrance trees, Amor All wipes, glass cleaner, microfibre towels & more can be purchased on site.

Dog Wash

Take the stress & the mess out of dog washing with our K9000 dog wash. Fully secured & fenced off for safety, with warm water & dog-friendly soaps.
Dog Wash Enacon Car Wash


Car Wash Package Pricing


$22Per Wash
  • Under body flush with high side blasters
  • Bug pass
  • Foaming soap
  • High pressure rinse
  • Foaming wax
  • Tri-Colour foaming wax
  • Overglow with Carnauba wax
  • Surface protectant
  • Spot free rinse
  • Air blower


$19 Per Wash
  • Under body flush with high side blasters
  • Foaming soap
  • High pressure rinse
  • Foaming wax
  • Spot free rinse