I/We hereby make an application for monthly parking space/s for use at InterContinental Hotel Sydney Car Park, subject to the following conditions:

1. A rental payment of $750 per calendar month per space (inclusive of GST) is payable in advance (ie. payments are due on the 1st of each month).
2. All Cars will be valet parked by Enacon Parking employees.
3. The term of this agreement is a minimum of 3 months, and will continue thereafter for one (1) month
periods until terminated by either party giving not less than one (1) calendar months’ written notice.
4. The holder of a paid parking space will be entitled to access the car park 24hours a day, 7 days per week. The car park will be locked and secured generally between Midnight and 6am; however access during these times may be arranged through the Hotel Bell Captain located on in the lobby on the ground floor.
5. Payment may be made via EFT or direct debit from a credit card can be arranged.
6. No pro-rata refunds will be made by the Company in the event of cancellation prior to the end of any month, any holidays or other leave or absence taken by applicant or in the event of the Parking Station being closed on a normal business day due to industrial stoppages, power failures or breakdown of equipment.
7. A valid passcard must be produced when entering and leaving the Parking Station, otherwise a casual parking fee may be charged. All lost passcards must be reported immediately to the Car Park Manager who may make arrangements for the issue of a new card. A replacement fee of $20.00 will apply. The Company reserves the right to cancel any proximity card at anytime.
8. The submission of the application does not necessarily bind the Company to provide a parking space/s to the applicant in conformity with the number of spaces requested on this form.
9. The company reserves the right (after the initial 3 months) to increase parking fees at its discretion, where at least one (1) calendar month’s written notice will be given to the owner of the parking space.
10. The license granted on the issue of the application is on the basis that all vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk and no liability is accepted for damage to person or property. The acceptance of vehicles for parking is subject to the conditions of parking.